How To Start A Pest Control Business...

If you’re reading this page, you must be somewhat interested or curious about starting a pest control business. It’s a great business to be in: people hate bugs, and they’re willing to pay a lot of money to keep them out of their house. The best part of the equation is that the costs of running a pest control business are SUPER LOW, and the profit margins from a pest control business are SUPER HIGH.


How Profitable Is A Pest Control Business?

Well, I’ll tell you how and why I got into pest control… When I was in my early 20’s, I had tried a few different sales jobs. I was pretty good at sales; never the best, and never the worst. At one point, I heard from a friend of mine that sales reps for pest control companies made a few hundred dollars per sale, and that they could easily sell several accounts each day. So, I got a job as a pest control sales rep.

I Made $30,000 My First 3 Months… As a Salesman

Long story short, I made over $30,000 my first 3 months as a pest control salesman…. and I wasn’t a smooth-talking schmoozer, and I didn’t work very hard… seriously. After 2 years of selling accounts and seeing how a pest control company works, it finally dawned on me that if a pest control company can afford to pay me this much as a sales rep, the company itself has got to be making a TON of money…

So, for the next six months I focused on learning the business side of pest control, so that I could start my own company.Then, I did.

Since then, I’ve gone on to start several of my own businesses, and have been involved in businesses that were built up fast and sold for a lot of money.

What I Do Now…

I’ve since gone into consulting and now I teach business owners how to setup and grow their businesses. I’ve taken all of the information that I teach clients and put it all here on this site for you to learn from. The best place to start is my free eCourse on how to start your own profitable pest control business. It’s a series of mini-trainings on the basics of setting up your own pest control business… you’ll learn a lot from it.

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  • What Clients Have Said…

    "...and in the 6 years we’ve been in business, we’ve always used the traditional marketing methods like yellow pages, flyers, billboards, city benches, and stuff like that. I bought your course strictly for the marketing methods… and the results have been amazing." - Jose I.

    "...the course is awesome. It tells you everything you need to know to get a pest control business up and running and then tells you how to make it successful and profitable. I have since talked to several people who are professional pest control operators, and they confirmed that all of the information in this course is dead-on accurate." - Joe P.

    "...I just recently purchased your course which I truly appreciate. I previously worked for a pest control franchise and I learned an invaluable amount of info and was even able to secure plenty of funding for my own operation. Despite all of my knowledge and training in the industry I was still missing a few things which your course provided completely. For that I thank you deeply. Thanks again for sharing such valuable information." - Dustin