Getting Your Pest Control Business Started in 2012

In some parts of the country right now it’s business as usual for pest control professionals, and in other parts, not much is going on due to winter. If you’ve been planning on getting your own business up and running, now is when you need to get started. Odds are, like with any project, that it’s going to take a little longer than you think it will.

When I started my first business, I sat around in paralysis for a few months before I actually got started, and it turned out to be easier than I thought it would. I went through the process of passing the tests and getting my licenses, and then getting my own truck and getting the equipment set up. Then I got a website set up and a logo made, and then the paperwork printed.

If you take the big things and break them up into smaller parts, it’s a lot easier to start working on a few small projects than viewing it as launching an entire business. One of the big things you should keep in mind as you get started is to realize that your online presence is becoming more and more important. You don’t need to have the best website in the world, and you don’t even need to spend much at all on the design, it just needs to look clean and professional. Doing some basic SEO(so that people find it in Google) is a good idea, and you should also setup ways for your customers to connect with you on social media channels, especially Facebook.

But again, don’t sweat all of this at once and get overwhelmed… piece it apart and make it manageable. That’s exactly what the Pest Control Profits system will show you how to do, and it will also teach you how to get a lot of customers fast once you have your business up and running.

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  • londiwe

    the info i received is quet usefull i must say thanks Nate

  • All good advice!
    Steve at Bluebonnet Pest

  • All good advice!
    Steve at Bluebonnet Pest Control

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