How Social Media Can Change Your Business

If you haven’t noticed, everything is moving online.

If you’re not, you’ll simply get left behind.

Social Media is where people are, especially people that buy things. Smart people look up companies, they try to find reviews about them, and overall make form their permanent opinion about a company by what they find online.

The One Thing You Should Do With Social Media

I’m not going to try to make this a complete training on all the ways you could use social media in your business; that would be very, very long.

There are several things that you should absolutely be doing at a bare minimum. There is one in particular that is the most effective.

This is creating a Facebook Page for your business.

How To Setup A Facebook Page For Your Business

The very nature of social media is viral. Viral in this sense basically means the online form of word-of-mouth advertising. Something that people like can spread very fast.

Take Facebook in general, in the last few years, it is the most-used website besides Google.

To setup a Facebook Page, you simply login in to your regular profile, or you can just Google “create a facebook page.” Then it will basically guide you through the steps.

Facebook’s profile picture function might work well for your logo, and it might not. Either way, you should create a custom landing page for anyone who comes to your page.

Creating a Custom Tab on Your Facebook Page

You do this with the FBML application. You just go to the “more applications”, and find the FBML application, click on it, and then click on “add to my page”. Then you can go back into your page settings and edit the FBML application, and just enter custom HTML. You can then insert your logo, a brief explanation of your offer to new customers, a bit about your business, and a link to your website.

A Crucial Step in Your Social Media Plan

The main thing you need to do, is try and get every single one of your customers to “like” your Facebook page. This is one reason why you should always get a customer’s email address. You can call them, offer them $5 off their next service, send them an email, or any other way you can think of to contact them and get them to “like” your page.

This is huge because each person on average has between 50-200 Facebook friends. So each person that you can get to “like” your page, every time one of their Facebook friends loads their profile, they will see your business’s Facebook icon. Free, and very effective word-of-mouth advertising.

I go into much more detail on how to implement social media into your pest control business in the eCourse.

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