How To Start A Pest Control Business – Free Course in a Few Weeks

I decided to write this post because I realized that there isn’t any basic information on how to start a pest control business anywhere on the site yet.

Also, I am putting together a FREE eCourse on how to start a pest control business that covers the basics on what someone needs to do to get a pest control business up and running. This free guide will contain about 15-20% of the information available in the full eCourse, but it will still be valuable to those of you who aren’t ready to actually start your business yet.

It will be a few more weeks before I have the free course ready, but I’ll let you know.

Anyways- here are the essential steps to starting a pest control business:

  1. Choose a name. Your business obviously needs a name. You can go with something wacky or a generic name like “Mountain View Pest Control.” I’ve always stayed on the conservative side with the businesses I’ve started, but wacky can work.
  2. Create a general plan. While my eCourse teaches you an exact model for marketing methods, you still have several things to decide for yourself such as pricing, and business entity.
  3. Start up money. You will need some money to get started. Luckily, you can actually get everything you need for under $3,000. I started my first pest business with $1500.
  4. Getting a truck. I recommend when you’re just starting to replace your personal vehicle with a small truck such as a Ford Ranger. And obviously get a used one.
  5. Business Identity. Besides actually starting your business, this is the most important thing. This deals with getting a logo designed and then putting that logo on uniforms, sales contracts, your truck, and anything else the customer will see.
  6. Getting official. This deals with getting the appropriate licenses, business accounts, and liability insurance.
  7. Set up your office. You will need a few things that will make running your business much easier such as accounting software, a merchant account, and customer management software.
  8. Getting your equipment. This one is self-explanatory.
  9. Learn how to service houses. This is also self-explanatory.
  10. Get products. There is a world of products out there for you to choose from, but there are some much better than others when you’re just starting.
  11. Setup your website. A website and online presence is essential these days.
  12. Implementing your marketing methods. This is where  you start acquiring customers.
  13. Keeping customers happy. This is the most important thing besides continually getting new customers.

Those are the basics steps of how to start a pest control business. I obviously go into extreme detail on each one in the eCourse, so when you’re ready to actually start your business, get the eCourse here.

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