Pest Control Business Cards

Using Pest Control Business Cards to Get New Customers

pest control business cards

This is good example of a simple, yet effective design. If you don't have a logo and business cards yet, check out the resources section.

Pest control business cards are a great way to grow your business, and a great way of creating a steady stream of new customers. There are several elements that your pest control business cards should have, as well as several ways in which you can use them most effectively.

First of all, your business cards need to have your logo on them. This necessitates you having a logo for your business. Hopefully you’ve had a professional logo designed, because this is something that will give you an instant advantage over most of your competition.

The design of your business card should be simple and straightforward. You should include your contact information, your website, and of course, your logo. That’s about it. Using a lot of white space on your card is always a safe strategy that focuses attention on what matters.

Some marketers suggest that you should have a discount or special offer printed on each business card. This is a good idea, but what works better is to train your employees to hand write a special offer on each card that they give out. This way, each individual prospect feels that they’ve been given an exclusive discount, and your response rate will be much higher.

Another effective strategy is to make sure your employees always have business cards with them, and that they personally hand a card with a hand written special offer to five neighbors in every direction of each customer they service. This strategy alone will get you several new customers each month, at almost no extra cost.

When used correctly, pest control business cards can be one of the most effective marketing methods for your business. Remember to make sure the design of your business cards is simple, clean, and professional looking. A little training for your employees about how to use the cards effectively will go a long way.

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