Pest Control Business Ideas

Pest Control Business Ideas

pest control business ideasWhether you already have a pest control business, or are wanting to start one, here are several ideas that are always a good bet to help you grow or start your pest control business.

One simple way to make sure that you’re always getting new customers is the 5 neighbor method. What this means, is that every single time that you or one of your technicians performs a service, they don’t leave until they’ve talked to five neighbors to the left of your customer, and five neighbors to the right. If you train your technicians to do this, and keep them supplied with professional looking business cards, you will never have a shortage of new customers.

Making the Most of Your Business Cards

Another idea to go along with the 5 neighbor method is to hand-write special offers on the back of business cards. Some marketers say that you should have an offer printed right on your business cards. This is a good idea, but you can take it one step further. By always hand-writing the offer on the back of the business card, even if it is the same offer you give to everyone, it will seem like an exclusive offer to that prospect, and you will have a bigger chance of them acting on that offer.

Capitalizing on the Internet

Capitalizing on Facebook is a great way to get your business in front of people that normally wouldn’t seek out a pest control company. By setting up a Facebook page, which is different than a regular Facebook profile, whenever someone “likes” your Facebook page, everyone that the person is friends with on Facebook will see that they have “liked” your page. This can result in a lot of people seeing your page, and bring you new business without you doing any extra work.

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  • You have provided great tips to control pest and termites. I will also use these ideas in my office.

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