This page is where you’ll find the actual resources I’ve used in my own businesses, and the exact products and services I recommend.


Logo Design

If you’ve read through the Pest Control Profits modules already, you’ve seen that I repeatedly mention how important it is to have a professional-looking logo. I can’t stress enough how important a good-looking logo is for your business. Your logo is what people look at to instantly judge whether your company is legitimate or not. Luckily, thanks to the internet and technology, design services have become affordable enough for anyone.

By far the best online logo design is from Logo Mojo. This link will get you $100 off.


Email Marketing

You should be adding all of your customers to your email list. And I don’t mean you’ll be sending them emails through your Gmail account. You’ll want an actual email service such as iContact or GetResponse so that you can send out email newsletters about promos, discounts, new services, tips, and just to keep in touch with your customers and prospects.

This will be one of the most effective ways of keeping customers on your service and paying you year after year.

Click here to checkout iContact…

Click here to checkout GetResponse…

If you’re wondering, GetResponse has better features overall but iContact is a little cheaper to get started at just $10/month.


Business Cards

This also is imperative. Once you get your logo made, you need to have good-looking business cards with your logo on them. You’ll use your business cards for a specific technique that will get you a lot of new accounts. I explain the technique in one of the modules.

The best place to get your business cards made is Vista Print, and your first 250 are free…


Your Website

You need to get a website up for your website as soon as possible. If you haven’t noticed, being online is where people are, and if you’re not there, you’re competitors will be.

The easiest solution is to use Yahoo’s Business Website Builder. You can sign up for just a month at a time if you want, and their website builder is super-easy to use. When sign up for a year, you get a free domain name.


Rate Cards

A rate card is a laminated document that lists your prices on the front, and then has some pictures of insects and other graphics on back to use as a visual aid when selling your service to a prospect. To have one custom-designed could be between $200-$400.

A fully-customizable front and back rate card is part of the Master Package for just $77.


Service Contracts

This is what you have people sign when you sign them up for a year of service. This is a crucial part of the Pest Control Profits system, because having the customer sign a service agreement instantly quadruples or more the revenue each new customer is worth. If you have a lawyer draw one up for you, it will be between $300-$500.

A fully-customizable service agreement that we’ve used for years is part of the Master Package for just $77.


Sales Training Manual

The most valuable part of the Master Package is the Sales Training Manual. It’s over 80 pages of condensed pest-control-selling-wisdom from the absolute top sales reps from the last few years. It’s absolute gold, especially if you plan on hiring sales reps to sell accounts for you. You can check it out here.


Service Tickets

Service tickets are what you leave at the customers door after you’ve sprayed their home. This isn’t really a choice; pretty much every state requires that you leave one of these.

I’ve always ordered my service tickets here.



Every state is a little different, as I explain in the eCourse, but you will for sure need the national pest exam. There is a awesome little site with a ton of practice questions for it here. When you go to the site, on the left side of the screen under “select a test”, just choose the pesticide applicator questions.


Setting Up an LLC

This is a must. You would never want to run your pest control business as a sole proprietor. After my second business I’ve used the same people everytime.

You can get $10 off any setup package through this link. (the discount will reflect at checkout)



Having good-looking uniforms is right up there with having a professional logo. If someone looks at you or one of your employees, and they’re not immediately put at ease by your appearance, they won’t give you their business.

You’ll get $10 off your first order or more than $30 through this link…


Merchant Account

This is a must…. you have to be able to accept credit cards so that you can put your customers on Auto-pay.

There are a lot of options these days:


Customer Management Software

Having good CRM software will save you a lot of time and money. On an extreme budget, you can get away with using Microsoft Excel for awhile, but your much better off in the long run to invest in a solution that you can grow with.

The two best are Pestpac and ServiceTycoon. Service Tycoon is a little cheaper, and Pestpac is designed 100% for pest control.


14 Responses to “Resources”


    What are your sggestions for pricing

  • Nate


    I would usually sell initials between $75-$125 or more sometimes, it just depends. Then on the regular services the most common price was $80 per service. This all of course depends on the area, the type of neighborhood, and sometimes I would even do a $20 initial just to close someone… that was only if they signed the year contract obviously.


    The logos and fonts selection on logo maker are very limited…any suggestions or am I missing something.and how doI get my logo to my web page. Thanks


  • Nate


    Yes LogoMaker is definitely limited… the point of it is to make the process of creating a logo easy for people who don’t know how to use graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
    Logomaker is also very cheap compared to hiring a designer to make a logo for you.. but that is always an option if you can’t find anything on LogoMaker that you like.

    As far as getting the logo to your website from LogoMaker, once you purchase the logo, LogoMaker sends you the files in the different formats you need, and then you just upload the logo to your website.


    customer management software?

  • Nate

    Sorry about that Melissa, we missed that when we switched over to the membership site from the ebook. It’s been added to the resources page.

  • paul

    Any suggestions on where to buy the plastiic 4 by 6 inch rodent control placecards that are required too mark your rodent stations on the wall at eye level by the food safety outfits such as Primus Labs and AIB. ?

  • Nate

    I’m not sure… back when I was doing day to day operations they used to just come with the bait stations. I spent a while searching around online to see if I could find any no luck… Have you asked your Univar (or chemical depot) rep?


    Hi Nate, I plan on getting business from roach control contracts. Do you have an idea about that as far as costs? I’m looking at apartments & rentals. We have a LOT of those and most have the dreaded roaches. Also do you have a suggestion for roach killing products, or do I just contact a chemical company. Thanks

  • Nate

    James- I’m not really familiar with just roach contracts… I do know that you definitely need to make it contract based, and really sell the fact that it’s impossible to get rid of them with just one treatment. Profits in PC is all about contracts, and they’re easy to sell as long as you explain them right.

    I would ask your chemical rep what’s working best right now- that was always where I got my best advice on products.


    Thank You for getting back to me!



    All this info has helped me greatly as i have started my own pest control business, thank you and i would recommend this to anyone. I have a question about advertising. You can become drowned very easily with all the advertising firms that contact you. I have noticed Google is obviously very important. do you have any other suggestions on advertising and where it has helped you greatly?


  • thanks for the guide, am starting my pest control business but i choose ServSuite for software, which i think now is the best software for pest control.

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