When Should You Start Setting Up Your Pest Control Business?

I actually never considered this question, because once I got the idea to actually start my own pest control business a few years ago I started the process immediately. It happened to be in September.

Anyways, if you’re wanting to start your own pest control business, setting everything up will probably take longer than you think it will. When I think about what you need to do when you set up a pest control business, there are kind of two ways to do things. Actually, I’ll say there are two types of things you need to do.

The first category would be the bare bones things that absolutely have to be done in order to operate. These would be things like:

  • Getting your licenses and any necessary permits
  • Getting equipment
  • Getting liability insurance
  • Getting chemicals and products to use
  • Getting a truck

Technically speaking, thats all you really need to start your pest control business. But… here are some things that will take longer but that I would still consider necessary because they will help you achieve your results so much faster:

  • Getting a logo professionally designed
  • Getting uniforms made
  • Getting a website setup
  • Organizing and implementing your online marketing plan and campaigns

These things will take longer but like I said, they will quickly amplify the results you would get by just doing the basics. So… to give you an actual estimate…. If you want to actually begin acquiring customers in February or March(which I would recommend), you should probably start getting things together in November or December. The main reason I say this you could realistically start marketing online in January to increase awareness, and start performing services in February… and it will take awhile to get your online stuff squared away. So really I’m saying give yourself 3-5 months to get everything setup before you plan on actually starting.

Hopefully that gives you some idea…

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When should you start your pest control business…

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