Why Your Logo Might Be Costing You Thousands

Why Your Logo Might Be Costing You Thousands

How many times have you bought book just because of its cover? Well, the answer most likely is WAY more than you think you have. Statistics show that 17 out of 20 book purchases are based solely on the fact that the cover caught the eye of the customer. This is almost always subconsciously, by the way. No one realizes that’s why they picked up the book in the first place.

This same thing happens when a potential customer searches the web for a pest control company.

They are going to call the company that seems the most professional.

So how do you make sure your company’s image seem highly professional?

You have to start with a highly professional logo.

Your Logo Might Be Costing You Thousands

When I’m doing consulting for small companies, the very first thing I do every time is have them re-design their logo. Most of the time when I suggest this the owner starts to whine and moan about how much money it’s going to cost him.

He just doesn’t realize that his crappy logo is already costing him thousands.

Your Company’s “Image” Is of Paramount Importance

When I say image, I mean everything that your customer will see that represents your business.

This starts first and foremost with your logo, as well as things such as your website, uniforms, business cards, and any paperwork your customers receive.

Getting A Logo Designed By A Professional Is An Absolute Bargain

Because a crappy logo can be so costly, having your logo designed by a pro is an absolute bargain. Seriously.

Not to mention that because of competition and the internet, you can get an awesome-looking logo designed these days for only a few hundred dollars. Just 5 years ago it would cost you over $1000.

The last few times I’ve needed this done, I’ve used these guys. They submit multiple designs from multiple designers all for one low price. Then you get your final logo sent to you in every format you would ever need it in.

I also explain every aspect of branding and making your company image professional in the eCourse.

If you also want some guidance on how to get your business cards and website set up the right way, you can visit the resources page.

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